One potent Day to Design Your Full Year of Peace

Create 2024
as Your Year
of Peace

 Spend the day with a group of like-minded women for one remarkable day to cultivate deep peace and design peace practices to use all year long!

Are You Ready
to Embrace a Year of Peace?

Join us at “Your Year of Peace” and embark on a transformative journey that will echo throughout your year and beyond. Reserve your spot now and step into a year where peace is not just a wish, but a way of life.

boulder colorado womens retreat
Sacred Altars

Find inspiration and grow awareness at the sacred altars that represent the four quarters of your year.

Yoga at year of peace retreat with rebecca abraxas and jessica bonosora
Yoga & Meditation

A gentle practice to unwind, reset and open for your day of receiving. Peace meditation later in the day to visit the somatic sensation of peace your body

women in sacred circle - year of peace retreat
Sacred Circle

Be seen and heard as you ritualistically call in your intentions for the day, and for the year.

Sound Bath Journey

Peace Activation through relaxing vocal sound healing and crystal bowl sound bath

peace chant retreat colorado
Peace Chant Circle

Send out your vision to the world through drumming and singing peace chants

Meditation at year of peace retreat boulder colorado
4 Quarters Life Coaching

Coaching for you to envision your year of peace and release any blocks that sabotage your serenity.

Why Now?

 “Your Year of Peace” Retreat is the beacon for those who wish to reclaim their inner calm and cultivate a sanctuary of serenity within. At this rejuvenating one-day retreat, you’ll be empowered to transform the noise of everyday life into a harmonious symphony of self-care and peace. It’s an opportunity to pause, breathe, and design a year where stress and overwhelm are replaced with clarity and calm.

Whether you’re navigating the complexities of career, relationships, or personal growth, this retreat offers the tools to address your life with grace and to foster a resilient, peaceful spirit that will guide you through 2024 and beyond.

"Your Year of Peace" is an immersive one-day retreat that invites you to become a catalyst for collective peace, at a time when the world needs it most.

Your Sanctuary Awaits

Nestled in the serene embrace of Unity of Boulder, our retreat is a sacred space where you can unwind, reset, and reconnect with your inner peace. It’s a day dedicated to you—a day to lay the foundations of a peaceful 2024, guided by the gentle expertise of Rebecca Abraxas and Jessica Bonosoro.

Morning: A Voyage Inward

Your retreat begins with a visit to interactive sacred altars, each representing a quarter of the year, setting the stage for inspiration and awareness. Join our Sacred Circle to voice your intentions, followed by a yoga practice that unwinds your stress and opens your spirit. Experience the transformative power of a Sound Bath Peace Activation, where vocal sound healing and crystal bowls harmonize to activate your inner peace. Nourish your body with high vibrational snacks and teas, as we guide you through a meditation journey and life coaching session to envision your year ahead.

Nourishing Food

We will be providing tea, snacks and Whole Foods lunches.
More details to come.

Afternoon: Expanding Outward

As the day unfolds, we shift our focus outward. Through meditation and visualization, you'll start to see peace manifest in your real life. Our life coaching sessions will help you identify desires, obstacles, and the practices that will support your transformative journey. Create "peace visions" for each quarter, and share your aspirations in our Interactive Sister Break-Out Groups. We'll close with a Peace Chant Circle and a Sonic Prayer, leaving you illuminated with hope and grounded in peace.

Your Guides on this Special Journey

Jessica and Rebecca are both passionate about helping others experience the same inner peace they’ve come to know through their own lives of seeking. Join them in their Women’s Year of Peace Facebook group.

Jessica Bonosoro

your Aligned Action Coach, has been the compass for those seeking to grow lives they love since 2012. With her holistic approach, she'll help you navigate the path to a life filled with peace and purpose.

Rebecca Abraxas sound healer year of life retreat
Rebecca Abraxas

brings 30 years of experience in sound therapy, yoga, and life coaching to create a symphony of healing vibrations. Her sound baths are not just sessions; they're soulful experiences that guide you towards profound balance and inner peace.

Invest in Peace

From those who've worked with Jessica and Rebecca


Create 2024
as Your Year of Peace!

Truly do something about your overwhelm, fear, and worry. Join a group of like-minded women for one remarkable day to design your year of inner peace.